When it comes to using signage boards to promote your business, or an upcoming event, there are actually a lot of different options for you to choose from.

Signage boards are a form of communication between you and your potential customers. With the right type of signage boards, you can boost your visibility, build your brand, promote products and services and more.

Here are some of the different types of signage boards and how they can be used to help.

Types of Interior and Exterior Signage Boards

Glow Signage Boards
These are useful for interior and exterior purposes. They have a back lighting feature that allows them to be used all day and night to communicate your message. They are used in a variety of businesses but are most popular in advertising restaurants and retail stores.

Acrylic Signage Boards
These are light boards, making them simple to mount. They also feature a glossy surface. This is great for printing your corporate logo on or to showcase your products and services.

Digital Signage Boards
These digital LED signage boards can be used on the inside or the outside. For the high quality display, you are actually paying for a cost effective way of advertising. It doesn’t cost too much to use the actual sign and implement the power needed to operate the LED lights. You can use digital signage boards in areas like malls and outdoor retail spaces in order to easily attract the attention of various passersbys.

Neon Signage Boards
If you want to really grab the attention of anyone walking by, neon signs are a great way to be bold and to set yourself apart from other muted signs in the area. A great example of this is Times Square, with the endless views of signs, and advertisements all around you, there will still be ones that stick out more than others. That’s why your company logo or business name can do with a little extra pop with neon signage boards.

Have fun and be creative when you are working on your signage boards, because they are a critical part of your marketing and advertising efforts. Consider the various types of signs mentioned above, and then think about which ones will be best to achieve your goal – and also think about where the signs will be placed. Signage boards are a beneficial and cost effective way to really promote your business and brand.